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Proto-pasta composite iron PLA responds to magnets and behaves similarly to pure iron, even to the point of rusting in the right environment! magnets “stick” to this material like they would to iron or steel; it is not a magnet itself and will not “stick” to other metal. Magnetic iron prints beautifully with a matte Grey finish similar to cast metal. The density is about 50 percent higher than standard PLA giving printed parts a bit more “heft” and a less plastic feel. In filament form, FEPLA is slightly more brittle than standard PLA and requires extra care when handling. Processing is comparable to standard PLA. No heated bed required. Process may be less consistent on smaller nozzles and/or Bowden-type machines. We frequently print using direct-drive systems with 0. 4mm nozzles, though suggest 0. 6mm and 190-210c (standard PLA or a bit cooler) for the best experience. This filament is more abrasive than standard PLA. Be prepared to replace your nozzle and do 1st layer adjustment. Try a wear resistant and/or larger diameter nozzle for increased service intervals. These 500G spools are shipped on the industry's only fully recyclable corrugated paper spools with no metal or plastic parts. These extremely high quality spools are rigid, lightweight, attractive, and . They also have a larger than normal inner core improving printability of the last few layers of Material, especially on 2. 85mm diameters. The different designs on each spool are actual drawings, schematics, and Code from the equipment we manufacture your filament on. Enjoy! Contact Proto-pasta for more information.


  • Magnets stick to this material and printed parts made with it
  • Material is matte Grey with a cast metal look. Surface can be rusted with a water mixture for an age distressed look
  • Processing is comparable to standard PLA. No heated bed required. Process may be less consistent on smaller nozzles (<. 4mm) and or Bowden Type machines
  • We recommend printing this material at 190c-230c using a 4 mm or larger nozzle. Please Note that this filament is more brittle than normal PLA and requires more careful handling to prevent breaking
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA with quality and customer service as a top priorities. USA sourced packaging and labor

Proto-pasta Composite Iron PLA, 1.75mm 500g

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