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A feature packed and easy to use UV Resin 3D Printer for only $349


Everything you need to start printing your own high-resolution 3D prints



With an easy to remove magnetic bed and a print volume of 120mm x 70mm x 150mm, the Prism is a resin printer with a 2K LCD screen that allows for high resolution prints that look like finished products. Built with an all metal chassis for durability and a dual linear rail motion system for stability, prints can be as fine as 25 micron. The 57 watt parallel LED array drives uniform light distribution across the entire build plate, edge to edge. 

Hardware Features

Auto Leveling

Auto leveling in its purest form. The leveling system actions at the beginning of every print and when homing the machine. Instead of chasing your tail around leveling and running test prints to make sure the level is right, let the machine take care of that process.

Beam 3D UV/LED Resin Printer

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