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3D Printing As A Service

Why invest $100k or more in upfront capital to buy a 3D printer and then thousands more each month to operate and maintain it when you can outsource the whole operation to an experienced vendor/partner? The answer is simple. You wouldn't and shouldn't!



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3D Design and Analysis

Our experienced engineers and designers can help turn your concept into a 3D model adhering to best practices and can deliver a file that can be ready rapid prototyping reducing your go to market time by as much as 50%.


We deliver exceptional services to companies of all sizes in almost every industry. Let us help you be agile and deliver a solid design.

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Product Development

Having an idea isn't enough, even if it is a great one. You need someone on your team that has experience bringing products to market and a partner capable of managing or co-managing the product development lifecycle.

If your goal is to beat your competition to the market or release that truly innovative product before someone else thinks of it then contact us today for a free consultation.



3D PRINTS ON DEMAND (3DPOD) provides 3D print and design services with offices and additive manufacturing facilities in Iowa and China.


In an already crowded market of 3d print providers, 3DPOD started out as a niche player focusing on design services and offered 3d printing as a value add service to a select client base. As the 3d printing marketplace evolved, 3DPOD decided to expand the 3D printing as a service (3dPaaS) offering and implemented a real-time quoting tool and a semi-automated production system.


Complimenting the 3dPaaS, 3DPOD also provides design and analysis of existing models, as well as product development.


An avid supporter of STEM and a strong believer in conscious capitalism, 3DPOD provides scholarships to underrepresented students that have an interest in technology.



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